Host a fun day while raising awarenss and education on men’s health. Our Program in a Box is easy and customizable to any age, venue, and time of year!

Events like:

  1. Blue Day: A one day event where for a small donation employees , club members or students can wear anything blue (hats, jeans, t-shirts) and get information on Men’s Health including lunch time lecures, lunch room posters, and more.
  2. Moustache Madness: Nothing says men more than getting hairy! Make a team, collect donations and let the wiskers grow! While getting daily tips and advice on important men’s health isues.
  3. Host and educational event, a lunch time lecture or just a health fair. We will get you everything you need to raise awareness and enhance education on men’s health.


Men's Health Week

What are you doing to celebrate Men's Health Week?

This year Men's Health Week is June 15th-June 21st and the theme is "Challenge Yourself to Be a Healthier Man."  Throughout the month of June we will be challenging men and their family members through social media outlets to live healthier and more active lives or to spread the word about Men's Health Week and what men can do to live a healthier life.  This program reaches both men and caregivers and encourages a little competition to really get educated about common men's health issues and to live a more active lifestyle. 

Man on a Bench  Two Men Running

Men can also take general Men's Health Quizzes as we look at prevention and early identification of important men's health issues like diabetes, low testosterone, depression and prostate cancer.

Low Testosterone Quiz